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This is a small collection of scripts that I have created to speed up my workflow in modo.

Quick Connect
- To use the script first select two opposing edges on a shared polygon, then run the script. It will connect the verticies on one side to the other. The script works best if there are a equal number of verts on both sides. This is handy for quickly capping off the ends of cylinders or in instances where one would use the bride tool but there is a polygon instead of a hole in the mesh.

turbo split
- To use the script first select your starting verts (Yellow) then the last vertex you select will be your target vertex (Red). When you run the script it will connect all the starting verts to the target vert.

wireframe toggle
- This is a simple script that will toggle the wireframe on and off, but when it turns the wireframe off it will check to see if the verts are on, if they are it will turn them off also.

connected weight
- Select one edge that has an edge weight value on it. When you run the script it will select all other edges that are connected to it that have the same edge weight value.
ARG : Run with the argument "any" ( any) the script will select every connected edge that has an edge weight, it doesn't matter if the value is the same as the first edge or not.

connected weight
- Sometimes when modeling with edge weights I get unwated weights on verticies (collapsing an edge with a weight). This script will select all the meshes in the scene then remove the edge weights from the verts.

connected weight
- This script will select mesh layers that have visibility turned on or are currently highlighted. When creating a model on lots of different layers and I have a few turned on for reference I use this to quickly select them and view the model.
ARG : Use the argument "selectmeshes" and this script will select every single mesh layer in the scene.